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The Full Story

About Us

BIG news....We have rebranded our Bridal House Of Cornwall in to our KIVA & ZEN BRIDAL CORNWALL store after the success of our newest SISTA Store K&Z Bridal Devon, the relaxing Zen Vibe is what our modern brides want & need to increase the feeling of wellbeing & feel at peace when they are buying the dress of a lifetime. We are the same amazing team in the same fabulous location, we have just taken the next step...


Zen Evolution

The owner Kelly is a water sign & is naturally ever changing with the TIDES & we have to constantly evolve and refresh our brand to stay ahead of the pack & ensure we provide the most magical experience for all of our K&Z BRIDES.

New Vibes

Be prepared for a PEACE TEA (or Prosecco), Chilled mantras, Crystals, organic essential oils & dresses that will absolutely BLOW your MIND. Come & JOIN our Kiva & Zen Bride TRIBE, lose yourself in our chilled vibes & stunning ZEN Space, we can't wait to meet you...

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